Can You Cook Lasagne from Frozen?

Cooked lasagne in dish

Lasagne is a hearty family meal comprised of layers of lasagne pasta sheets sandwiched between layers of alternating bechamel sauce and a tomato-based meat or vegetable layer and topped with cheese.

With lasagne being one of the most eaten dishes in the UK it can be useful to know how to store and cook it.

The good news is that lasagne can be cooked from frozen. This means that you can make a whole large lasagne ahead of time to stock up your freezer for convenient easy-to-grab meals or you can freeze your leftovers and reduce your food waste.

Can You Cook Frozen Lasagne in the Microwave?

The microwave provides a convenient and quick way to cook many family meals.

Lasagne can be cooked in the microwave from frozen, but there are some things to be aware of before doing so. Your lasagne sheets need to have been precooked before freezing so that they cook well in the microwave.

A whole family-size frozen lasagne may well be too big for your microwave and so a microwave is best used for cooking smaller portions of lasagne.

One to two portions of lasagne will cook nicely in the microwave. The time it takes to cook the lasagne will depend on the thickness of the lasagne and how many layers it has. It needs to be piping hot throughout.


Can You Cook Lasagne from Frozen in the Oven?

An oven is a simple way to cook any size of frozen lasagne. Your lasagne needs to be in an oven-proof container, such as an oven dish or foil tray.

Lasagne in a plastic container will need to be decanted into a suitable dish for the oven or microwaved instead.

Whole large lasagnes can be cooked from frozen in the oven and will effectively this way and the cheese on the top will turn a lovely golden colour in the oven.

A frozen lasagne will take longer to cook than a fresh one, but the resulting taste will be the same.

Taking small frozen lasagne out of freezer

How Do You Freeze Lasagne?

If you plan on microwaving your lasagne, then freezing it in portions in microwave safe plastic containers is a good way to make cooking it easier and quicker.

If you plan on oven cooking your lasagne, then it can be helpful to freeze it in an oven-proof dish so that it can be put straight in the oven when needed.

Lasagne is best frozen once it has been assembled and has cooled through. If you are freezing leftover lasagne, then it’s best to let it get to room temperature before freezing.


How Long Does Lasagne Last in the Freezer?

For the best quality and taste when cooking frozen lasagne is best eaten within 2-3 months of freezing. It would be safe to eat up to 6 months after freezing but after this time the flavour and texture of the lasagne may be negatively impacted.

Overall lasagne is a great dish that freezes well and can be cooked from frozen in the microwave or oven with relative ease and convenience.