Can You Cook Quiche from Frozen?

Quiche on oven rack

With a flaky crust and a creamy centre, quiche is the dish which is endlessly versatile. Whether you’re planning a lunch, have unexpected guests or just want something to liven up a salad, quiche is the answer.

The best thing of all about quiche is that it freezes easily so you can always keep one in the freezer in case of an emergency.

But how quickly could your quiche be ready to serve when needed, and can it be cooked from frozen?

We’ve got the answers to all these questions and more below.


Should I Thaw a Frozen Quiche Before Cooking?

If you’re looking for a quick solution for your lunch or dinner, the quiche sitting in your freezer might seem like the obvious choice. However, not all quiches can be cooked from frozen; some are better if you defrost them first.

Luckily there’s a very easy way to tell which is which: if your quiche was previously baked then you should be fine to cook it without defrosting.

In contrast, if your quiche was not baked before freezing then it should be defrosted before it is cooked. Following this simple rule will help to prevent watery quiche and an unpleasant texture.

If you desperately need to eat the quiche and don’t have time to defrost it first, you can cook an unbaked quiche from frozen. If you cook it at a lower temperature and for a longer time, you might be able to achieve better results.


How Long Does Quiche Take to Cook from Frozen?

If your quiche was baked before freezing, then you can just cook it in the oven from frozen. The oven should be 350°F/177°C and your quiche should be ready in roughly 25-30 minutes.

If you are attempting to cook a frozen, unbaked quiche without defrosting it first then the temperature should be lowered to 325°F/163°C and the cooking time extended to approximately 50 minutes.

Regardless of whether you have a baked or unbaked quiche, then it’s a good idea to cover it in foil while in the oven.

The foil can be removed for the final 15 minutes. This provides a nice, brown crust without drying the quiche out.

It’s not a good idea to cook a quiche in the microwave due to the crust. If your quiche does not have a crust, then the microwave would be a possible option.

Quiche on plate

How Do You Defrost a Quiche?

The best way to defrost the quiche is in the fridge overnight. This prevents any bacteria from forming which can happen if the quiche is left at room temperature for too long.

As a very last resort, the quiche could be defrosted in the microwave using the defrost setting before cooking it in a conventional oven. You should check your quiche every minute or two to make sure it doesn’t over-defrost in the microwave and turn rubbery.


Why Is My Frozen Quiche Watery?

Although it’s possible to reheat frozen quiche, there may be times when you don’t get quite the results you were hoping for. One of the most common problems is a watery quiche.

This is due to the amount of egg in the quiche. Due to the high egg content, the crust may become damp and soggy, or you may get a watery quiche. You’re more likely to get a watery quiche if you cook an unbaked quiche directly from frozen.

Other ingredients on your quiche may also become soggy if you use the microwave, such as bacon in a Quiche Lorraine.

Knowing the ingredients of your quiche is vital so you know the best way to defrost and reheat it to get the most delicious result.