Is Procook Cookware as Good as Le Creuset?

Cast Iron Casserole Dish

This is one of the most hotly debated cookware arguments in the cooking world at the moment. We have included Procook cookware in loads of our best of articles, and have included Le Creuset as well.

But is Procook as good as Le Creuset? And if it is, shouldn’t we all be buying Procook cookware? After all, Procook cookware is often a third of the price of Le Creuset cookware!

Well, to try and answer this cookware question, we’re going to explore both companies below and try and find out once and for all whether Procook is as good as Le Creuset.


A Very Brief History of Procook

Procook started over 20 years ago now as a direct sales company. They have now grown into a national cookware company with over 50 shops in the UK. It is still operated and owned by one of the founding family members, and its ethos is unchanged.

Procook wants to deliver amazing quality cookware that looks great and works brilliantly for a very reasonable price. I think the very fact that we’re asking whether Procook is as good as Le Creuset means that they have achieved this! We will get to how Procook can keep their costs so low in just a bit.


A Very Brief History of Le Creuset

Le Creuset was founded in 1925. They are best known for their beautifully coloured enamel cast iron cookware. Still, they also make quality pots, pans and everything else you need for your kitchen.

For many, Le Creuset is the cookware to inspire to owning. Many home cooks covet Le Creuset and for good reason. Le Creuset makes some of the finest home cookware available that is a joy to use. Plus, its cookware will likely last you a lifetime too!


Why Is Procook Cookware so Inexpensive?

Procook cookware is actually incredible for the money that you pay. Honestly, it is some of the best cookware in the world, but it is stunningly cheap when compared with companies like Le Creuset.

So how? Well, Procook doesn’t use import agents or UK distributors. They cut out the middleman, basically. They then past these savings on to you. So, Procook stays cheap because it does everything in-house. It doesn’t mean that they sacrifice on quality, it means they sacrifice on getting their name and products out there to the world.


Why Is Le Creuset Cookware so Expensive?

Le Creuset cast iron pot

You may have heard that Marilyn Monroe owned Le Creuset cookware and it sold at auction in 1999 for $25,300.

You may have also heard that a world-renowned chef called Elizabeth David starting stocking Le Creuset in her incredible cookware shop in London and that really bought the name into households and professional kitchens at the beginning. Elizabeth David even published a book called Cooking with Le Creuset in 1969.

Those are some of the reasons why Le Creuset is so expensive.

However, there is more. Le Creuset is so expensive because it is truly some of the finest cookware that you can buy in the world. They use the best materials, they innovate and create new cookware, and they bring fantastic style to your kitchen too.

So, Le Creuset is so expensive because of the name, sure, but also because they deserve to have the biggest name in cookware!


Is Procook as Good as Le Creuset?

There is still Le Creuset cookware around from the 50s and even earlier than that. Le Creuset can last decades, and if taken care of, it can last generations. We cannot say whether Procook has that staying power as it has only been around for twenty years so far.

We can say that Procook is a fantastic company that makes some of the best cookware in the world. And that cookware is priced remarkably well for what you get. However, Le Creuset will still be coveted by home cooks for many, many years to come.

Le Creuset is now a benchmark. If you have Le Creuset cookware, you are passionate about cooking and want to use the best. That is brilliant, and you will absolutely love using Le Creuset cookware because it is fantastic.

However, Procook is extremely good too, and a third of the price! So, passionate home cooks who love cooking but cannot justify buying Le Creuset have a wonderful brand to fall back on.

Procook may well be just as good as Le Creuset as their cookware really is exceptionally well made. It is innovative, it feels great to cook with, and it looks great too. However, Procook doesn’t have the name that Le Creuset has yet and likely won’t because of their ethos. However, Procook will be making cookware for many years to come because home chefs like you and me love it!



I know this cooking article hasn’t given a definitive answer to whether Procook is as good as Le Creuset. However, if you can’t justify buying Le Creuset cookware, Procook stuff is a very good replacement for it. You will use that cookware for decades and probably never regret not spending triple the money!

Does that make Procook as good Le Creuset? Well, that’s for you to decide. And if you buy Le Creuset, good for you! You will pass that cookware on to your kids, and they will love it just as much you!

For more info about Procook and Le Creuset, please explore our website further. We have loads of articles about Procook and all of their fantastic cookware as well as articles exploring Le Creuset, what the best Le Creuset pieces are to buy first and why their cookware is so expensive!