Ready Brek vs. Porridge – What’s The Difference?

Ready Brek vs. Porridge

Porridge has been around for thousands of years and the practise of adding milk or water to oats and cooking it is still a popular one around the world today.

In some countries, porridge is a savoury dish that is eaten with vegetable toppings and spiced with savoury flavours.

In the western world porridge is most known as a breakfast meal where it is served as a sweet dish with sugar, fruit, and honey.

You can buy porridge in a variety of ways from ready to cook instant packets that come with dried fruit already added, to a bag of plain oats that are a blank canvas for ideas.

Another form of porridge is Ready Brek. Ready Brek is popular with young children due to its more palatable texture.


Texture of Ready Brek vs Porridge

Porridge oats go soft when cooked but they still retain some texture, and you can feel the individual oat grains in your mouth as you eat it.

Ready Brek, however, is made with oats that have been finely processed and blended and therefore this creates a smooth texture with very little grain feel to it. This can make it more appealing than traditional porridge.


Porridge Cooking Methods vs. Ready Brek

Porridge Cooking Methods vs. Ready Brek

Porridge can be made on the stove top or in the microwave, and can be made using either water or milk.

If you are cooking porridge on the stove, then you need to add the milk and the oats and stir until it begins to thicken.

It can thicken quite quickly so keep an eye on it and be ready to remove it from the heat before it is too thick.

You can use the microwave in a similar way, just keep checking on the porridge every 30 seconds.

Ready Brek is quicker to make than porridge as its fine texture makes it less likely to overthicken or become lumpy. You can simply pour warm milk onto ready brek and stir it to make a creamy breakfast.

Porridge must be cooked for a while for the oats to absorb the liquid and soften but the fine texture of Ready Brek means it is more of a case of warming the dish through than cooking it.


Is Porridge Healthier Than Ready Brek?

Is Porridge Healthier Than Ready Brek

Ready Brek, because its finer, is higher in the Gi list than porridge meaning that it digests much quicker than porridge.

This causes more of a sharp rise in blood sugar levels, whereas porridge digests slower and allows for a more stable blood sugar level.

Porridge, due to its texture is also likely to keep you fuller for longer than Ready Brek.


What Are the Best Porridge and Ready Brek Toppings?

Toppings that work well on porridge will also work well on Ready Brek. Popular toppings include:

  • Dried fruit – Raisins or a mixed fruit selection
  • Fresh fruit – Bananas and raspberries are popular
  • Frozen fruit – Works better in porridge as they will defrost during the cooking process
  • Syrups – Maple syrup, golden syrup and agave work well
  • Jam – A spoonful of jam or chocolate spread can add a delicious tang to your oatmeal
  • Cinnamon and other spices – Can be stirred through for added flavour