Best Porridge Pans (2022 UK)

Porridge pan on hob

Nothing beats a warm, nutritious bowl of porridge on a chilly morning. But porridge is notorious for burning quickly, so in order to achieve the ultimate oaty experience, you need a decent porridge pan.

But with innumerable options to choose from, finding a porridge pan that is right for your needs can be a challenge.

We have managed to narrow down the top five best porridge pans in the UK to help you on your way to upping your breakfast game…

The Best Porridge Pans in the UK

1. YumCute Enamel Milk Pan

A great size for warming up your morning porridge, or other products prone to burning in a regular pan (such as milk or butter), this stylish little porcelain-coated enamel pan is easy to keep clean, and because of the wooden handle, is easy to manoeuvre during cooking, as it won’t get hot.

Enamel is suitable for all stove types, including induction. The size (10 cm) and capacity (0.55 litres) means that the pan is rather small, and is designed for one portion only, so it’s not ideal for big families. However, it is ideal for making porridge for one.


2. KitchenCraft Induction Porringer

As this porridge pan also doubles as a bain-marie, it is ideal for melting food products gently (such as butter or chocolate), and it’s also non-stick stainless steel, meaning it’s a dream to keep clean, and because the lack of enamel coating (which is often present in cookware), you can expect it to be more robust and obviously isn’t prone to chipping.

A few user grumbles include the handle being susceptible to getting hot, and that the base of the pan is very thin, therefore prone to burning or colouring.


3. Blackmoor 16cm Milk Pan

This little non-stick pan is a sturdy milk/porridge pan that comes with a plastic handle which, unlike the KitchenCraft bain-marie mentioned above, means no mild burns to the hands!

It’s easy to clean, even with tough scrambled eggs, and as it doubles as a milk pan, it comes with a handy pouring lip on the side.

Despite being easy to clean, this product isn’t dishwasher-friendly, so that may need to be considered for busier households.

Overall, the user reviews are favourable. A consistent gripe is, however, that the pouring lip isn’t good for pouring liquids into cups/mugs.


4. Tower Cerastone Mini Milk Pan

This stylish graphite-coloured pan has good capacity, and is non-stick too, therefore making it an easy pan to clean (it is also dishwasher-friendly).

The depth of this pan means it’s multifunctional, and can be ideal for boiling or poaching eggs.

The user reviews are very mixed as to the quality of this pan, and many state that, despite being advertised as “non-stick”, this isn’t the case.

Another complaint is that the balance of the pan isn’t sturdy, due to the heaviness of the handle.

Because milk pans and porringers are designed for those two specific purposes, the sizes of these pans are small, and therefore, can mean they aren’t an ideal pan-type for large households. However, this pan is the perfect size for those who live alone.


5. Le Creuset 16cm Milk Pan

Because this pan is by Le Creuset, an upmarket brand, the price of this milk pan is considerably higher than the others on this list.

However, it still presents value for money as Le Creuset products are durable, high-quality and renowned for their even heat distribution.

Its non-stick coating is sturdy and should last a good ten years before needing to be recoated.

This product comes with two pouring lips, is safe to be used within your oven, and is also abrasion-resistant, meaning you should be able to use metal utensils in this pan without chipping the non-stick coating.

User reviews are very positive, as is typically the case with Le Creuset. The price may be somewhat steep for a milk pan, but you can guarantee it will serve you well.


What Is a Bain-Marie?

A bain-marie (pronounced “ba-marie”) is a type of gentle-heating water bath, which, when used in cooking, will preserve heat within a pan without burning the food inside, or causing it to ‘catch’.

It is typically used for desserts such as souffles, fondues, or to gently melt items such as butter or chocolate, without causing them to become runny or liquidised, or to split.

It’s also a great choice for making porridge.

You can buy ready-made bain-maries, or you can create your own featuring a pan of simmering water (keep on a low heat to avoid boiling) and placing a heat-resistant bowl or another pan over the top with the food product in.


Porridge Pans FAQs

How to prevent porridge from sticking to the pan

Oats can be notorious for burning, which is why having a porringer is useful. However, that won’t necessarily prevent your porridge from catching.

So, with that in mind, a few tips on how to prevent your porridge from burning include:

  • Maintain a decent amount of liquid when cooking (water or milk of choice)
  • Stir regularly. Never leave unattended for longer than 30 seconds
  • Cook on a low heat
  • Avoid adding any additional products, such as sugar, while cooking.

Why is enamel popular in cookware

Enamel coating is often used by cookware manufacturers, as it has many benefits for products that are exposed to elements such as heat and liquid. Some of these benefits include:

  • Enamel acts as a barrier between metal and your food, meaning it prevents chemicals within the pan potentially having an acidic reaction with certain foods, or altering the taste of your cooking.
  • Enamel is easy to keep clean.
  • Enamel-coated pans (such as cast iron) mean they don’t require seasoning, and are fine to be washed with dish soap and warm water.
  • Enamel is visually appealing and can make cookware look stylish and sleek, and more in-keeping with certain designs of contemporary kitchens.
  • Enamel is naturally non-stick, therefore it won’t contain various toxins, such as Teflon.



So, whether you’re having eggs for breakfast, whipping up a hearty bowl of porridge on a chilly winter morning, or are heating up milk for a warm mug of hot chocolate, having a porridge pan can be the ultimate choice of pan for these needs.

It is worth bearing in mind that porridge/milk pans are typically no bigger than 16 cm, so if you’re making breakfast for multiple mouths, a porridge pan may not be the best choice for that particular task.

However, for those who live alone (or are prone to a midnight trip to the kitchen for a steaming mug of hot cocoa), your porridge pan will be your best friend!

But if you’re still wondering which one on our list to go for, it would be the 10 cm Yumcute enamel milk pan! It’s the perfect size for making a bowl of porridge, easy to clean, and we simply can’t get enough of the adorable wooden handle!