Scott is a writer and a passionate home chef. His passion for cooking began when he was 10 years old. Scott has been writing professionally for over five years now and loves to combine his passion for cooking with his day job.

Non-stick saucepan

Best Non-Stick Saucepans in the UK

Non-stick saucepans are something of a staple in most kitchens. We’ve all experienced the annoyance of using a saucepan without a non-stick coating and then cleaning it afterwards. However, what are the best non-stick saucepans in the UK? Well, we’re going to provide some answers to that question in just a little bit, but first, …

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Pan On Gas Hob

Best Pans for a Gas Hob (UK)

Many chefs prefer cooking on gas over electric. Firstly, cooking with gas is often cheaper than cooking with electric, which is always nice. However, a big advantage of cooking with gas is that you have much finer control of the heat. With a twist of a temperature knob, you can really dial in the size …

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Paella Pan With Prawns

Why Use a Paella Pan?

You’ve probably seen a paella pan before in a cookware shop or a friend’s kitchen. It is a wide, shallow pan that is used to make paella. The word paella literally means ‘pan’. So, yes, these pans are called pan pans! Nevertheless, do you need a paella pan? What does a paella pan bring to …

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Paella Pan

Best Paella Pans in the UK

You’re probably here to find out which paella pans are the best in the UK right now. Well, if that’s the case, the best paella pans are below. Since there’s a good chance you’re buying your first paella pan, we’ve explained a bit more about what makes them special. We love paella pans, and here’s …

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Pots and pans on hob

Best Steamer Pans (2022 UK)

Steamer pans allow you to lock in flavours and nutrients, giving you healthier and better tasting food than you’d get from boiling. They also make great use of the space on your hob, as you can stack steamer pans on top of each other and cook different ingredients in each tier. We have an amazing …

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