Gas cooker

What Does LPG Mean on a Cooker?

If you’ve ever bought a gas cooker, you’ve likely seen something like “LPG kit included” or “LPG compatible” somewhere in the literature that came with the cooker. But what does LPG on a cooker mean? Well, today, we’re exploring gas cookers and LPG and discovering what combining the two can do for your cooking.  

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Small range style cooker

What Is a Mini Range Cooker?

Range cookers are large, free-standing cookers traditionally seen in farmhouse kitchens. However, they’re slowly becoming commonplace in many modern homes. They’re perfect for big families or households constantly entertaining dinner guests. With two overs and a spacious cooktop, they can fulfill all your cooking needs at once. Unfortunately, not everyone has space for a full-blown

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Pots and pans on hob

Best Steamer Pans (UK)

Steamer pans allow you to lock in flavours and nutrients, giving you healthier and better tasting food than you’d get from boiling. They also make great use of the space on your hob, as you can stack steamer pans on top of each other and cook different ingredients in each tier. We have an amazing

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