Can You Get a Freestanding Cooker with Drop-Down Doors?

Oven with drop down door

If you’re looking for a new freestanding cooker, the choices available may seem vast and endless.

When we start looking for a new appliance, most of us will consider the amount of space we have in our kitchen, the style of cooking we enjoy and our available budget, then start to do some research online or in stores.

With so much choice available, it might seem easy to buy a freestanding cooker that meets your exact requirements. However, some cooker features can be more difficult to find than you may think.

Many of us prefer cookers with drop-down doors, as it’s often easier to get food in and out of the oven without the door being in the way at the side. It’s also safer, with less chance of burning yourself.

Most fitted cookers come with drop-down doors, but many freestanding models have doors which open at one of the sides (usually the left, although this can sometimes be changed to the right).

How to Find a Freestanding Cooker with Drop-Down Doors

If you’re specifically looking for a freestanding cooker with drop-down doors, a quick internet search might suggest that there are plenty of suitable models available.

However, the images of these cookers can be misleading, and many freestanding cookers that appear to have drop-down doors actually open at one side rather than having a hinge at the bottom.

Of course, if you’re shopping in a store it’s easy to check which way the oven doors open, but it can be much trickier when purchasing a freestanding cooker online.

If in doubt, you can often download the manufacturer’s instructions to check, or search for an online demonstration video which shows how the doors on that particular model will open.

Your chances of finding a freestanding cooker with drop-down doors can also depend whether you’re looking for a gas or electric model.

There are currently plenty of freestanding gas cookers available with drop-down doors, but not as many electrical cookers with this feature.


Freestanding Cookers with Drop-Down Doors

There are several models of electric freestanding cookers available both online and in high street shops.

The models that we have listed below are single ovens with an electric hob. If you’re looking for a particular style of oven such as a double electric oven with a ceramic hob, you could try visiting a specialist kitchen or appliance retailer and asking if there are any options available.

1. Currys Essentials CFSEWH18

The Currys Essentials CFSEWH18 50 cm Electric Solid Plate Cooker is a good choice of freestanding cooker if you’re on a budget.

The drop-down door is double-glazed to keep the heat inside the oven during cooking, and you see easily through the glass to check on your food while it cooks. The cooker comes in either white or black to suit the design of your kitchen.


2. Currys Essentials CFSE60W17

The Essentials CFSE60W17 60 cm Electric Solid Plate Cooker is another oven with drop-down doors by Currys budget brand Essentials.

This is a bigger model with a large 64-litre oven that’s ideal if you’re cooking for a busy family, but always measure the space you have available for the cooker before ordering.

This model also features a handy anti-tilt bracket that stops your food slipping from the tray when you take it out of the oven.


3. Flavel FSBE50W

Flavel FSBE50W

The Flavel FSBE50W 50 cm Electric Cooker is another good option if you’re looking for an electric freestanding cooker with drop-down doors.

The 60-litre oven has five levels offering great versatility when cooking, and the inner glass oven door is removable so it’s very easy to clean.