How Long Should a Rangemaster Cooker Last?

How Long Should a Rangemaster Cooker Last

Rangemaster makes some of the most coveted cookers in the world. They have a cooker for every home and every style of kitchen.

From traditional country kitchens to modern apartment kitchens, these cookers can keep up with style and power.

However, they are not the cheapest cooker on the market. So, how long do Rangemaster cookers last? And is it worth investing in one of these beautiful cookers?

Most sources state that a Rangemaster cooker will last between 15 and 20 years when cared for correctly. A regular cleaning routine and general maintenance should be done so that your Rangemaster lasts for as long as possible.

15 years is pretty comparable to most cookers. Of course, the cheaper the cooker, the less time it will last, or the sooner parts will be needed to be replaced, generally.


How Long Is a Rangemaster Cooker’s Warranty?

How Long Is a Rangemaster Cooker’s Warranty

Rangemaster cookers come with a two-year warranty, as long as you register your cooker within 30 days of delivery. However, you can opt to extend this warranty.

This extended warranty appears to be the best way of ensuring that your Rangemaster stays in the best condition for as long as possible.

The extended Rangemaster warranty covers you if your cooker breaks down, if a component has failed or if there is a fault with the wiring.

You can have as many callouts as you like per year, and there is no limit to the amount they are willing to pay per claim. Also, if they deem that your cooker isn’t repairable, they will give you some money towards your next one.

Rangemaster cookers are some of the best-made cookers in the world, but this doesn’t mean that breakdowns won’t occur. So, if you want to stay safe, the extended warranty is your best bet. There is a yearly cost, but you can extend the warranty for as long as you have the cooker.


Should You Invest in a Rangemaster?

Should You Invest in a Rangemaster

If you have a spacious kitchen, and you know you’ll use all the features a Rangemaster cooker has to offer, then go for it!

My mum has a Rangemaster in her kitchen, and she is only cooking for her and my dad.

Yet, she has always wanted one because she is massively into cooking, had the space, took the plunge, and has never regretted the decision. Plus, their kitchen looks incredible, thanks, in part, to the Rangemaster.

New Rangemaster cookers are excellent with energy efficiency too. So, if you’re worried about using more gas or electricity than normal, you probably won’t notice a difference at all in your monthly bills.

If you have a smaller kitchen, then the space taken up from one of the larger models should be a consideration.

However, if you know you have the space, and you’re a passionate chef, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how much you’ll love using a Rangemaster for 15-20 years!

We hope this look at Rangemaster cookers and how long they last have been helpful. We have loads of articles about the best range cookers, which of course includes Rangemaster. So, check out the rest of Chef’s Pick while you’re here!