Are Mini Ovens Any Good?

Are Mini Ovens Any Good

Mini ovens may seem like a good idea, but are these tiny ovens actually any good in practice?

Well, today, we’re looking at mini ovens and finding out whether they are an asset in your kitchen or not.

We will also cover some of the best mini ovens available in the UK right now if you decide that one of these ovens will really suit your way of cooking or your cooking needs.

Are Mini Ovens Worth It?

Mini ovens can be a fantastic addition to your kitchen. Firstly, getting a mini oven means that you have a handy backup if your main oven goes wrong.

However, if you don’t have the main oven, you can use a good quality mini oven as a direct replacement.

If you live alone, for example, a mini oven could be all you need to cook with. Or, if you don’t have too much space in your kitchen, a mini oven can provide you with a good amount of cooking space but save you loads of room.

Mini ovens are also brilliant for small kitchens in caravans and motorhomes, for example. They can really help you make beautiful meals while you are exploring the world while saving you loads of space.

If you’re turning a van into a motorhome, for example, a mini oven could offer you everything you need to make a cup of tea or a slap-up meal and save you money and space.

Pros of Mini Ovens

Surprisingly spacious

Mini ovens have much more space inside than most of us think. Some models are just as wide as a standard oven, so you can use full-sized baking trays in them.

Other mini ovens are much more compact but can still fit an impressive amount of food in the cavity.

Mini Ovens are Spacious

Most mini ovens can easily roast a chicken. Granted, you will struggle to roast the potatoes and make Yorkshire puddings in ovens at the same time as roasting a chicken.

However, they still have an impressive amount of space.


As you’ll see from our list of mini ovens, the prices are very reasonable for these handy little units. For not too much money, you can get a good quality oven that has a surprising amount of room in it.

Easily stored

If you do want a mini oven as a backup to your main oven, or you’d like one for preparing very big meals, storing it away may be a concern.

Most mini ovens are in rectangular boxes when they aren’t in use, and so you can store them in your larder, in a big kitchen cupboard, or even in a wardrobe. You can also stack lighter things on top of the oven when not in use too.


While a lot of mini ovens are fairly basic, with simple controls, there are some models of mini ovens that offer loads of functions.

As you’ll see from our list of mini ovens below, the functions on offer can be awesome or simple. And both certainly have a place in the kitchen. It just depends if you’d like plug-and-play or options.

Standard UK plugs

Standard UK Plug

Unlike most regular ovens, mini ovens come with a standard plug. This means they can be used in any plug socket, and you can place them just about anywhere in your kitchen.

Energy efficiency

Smaller ovens are more energy-efficient than bigger ovens. This means you’ll be spending less on your energy bill and wait less time for the oven to heat up too.

We have a whole article about electricity costs for mini ovens that is well worth reading if this is a big reason why you’re buying a mini oven.

Cons of Mini Ovens

Losing counter space

If you don’t have too much space in your kitchen, it is worth remembering that a mini oven will be another kitchen appliance on your worktop. They may be called ‘mini ovens’, but many have quite a big footprint.

Of course, if you do have a small kitchen, you may want to make space for a mini oven underneath the worktop. If you do this, you’ll save valuable worktop space and have an oven that can cook way more than most of us think.


While mini ovens are fairly spacious inside, they do come with restrictions when compared to a standard oven.

Mini Oven vs Standard Oven

If you’re looking at mini ovens as a direct replacement for your current oven, the cooking space will be a lot less. However, for a single person, an additional cooking tool, or for a small kitchen, mini ovens are excellent.

Just know that you may want to cook more food than a mini oven can handle at some point.


A lot of mini ovens are not designed to be used every day, and this means that many won’t last very long if you want to use them every day.

If you are considering a mini oven for your everyday cooking needs, it is worth spending a bit more money and ensuring you get a quality model.

So, mini ovens are fantastic, and they can really provide an impressive amount of cooking power and space into your kitchen.

Some even have built-in hobs on the top as well as loads of other handy features. But which mini-oven should you choose? Check out our guide to the best mini ovens in the UK to find out.



We hope this look at mini ovens has been helpful. We love mini ovens. Whether you’re looking for a mini oven that you can use every day, one to save some space in a small kitchen, or a gadget that will further your cooking, mini ovens can be an extremely valuable kitchen tool.

Don’t forget to check out Chef’s Pick’s other articles. You’ll find all of the cooking accessories, tips and tricks you need to make the most of your new mini-oven right here.