Are Stainless-Steel Pans the Best Type of Pan?

Are Stainless-Steel Pans the Best Type of Pan

Many professional and home chefs swear by stainless steel pans, and this may have convinced you that these pans are the best.

But are stainless steel pans really the best for you to have in your kitchen?

Well, like many other cooking questions, it greatly depends on how you like to cook and the type of cooking you do.


What Are Stainless-Steel Pans Good For?

One of the reasons many people love stainless-steel pans is because they are uncoated. This means that these pans can go in the oven at any temperature, and there is no coating to react to certain types of food.

Stainless-Steel Pan Surface

The surface of a stainless-steel pan is also very hard-wearing and long-lasting. This makes it a workhorse in the kitchen.

Another great thing about stainless steel is that its structure is very uniform. This means that the pans will heat up very evenly and maintain this heat very well while cooking.

So, for browning and braising tasks, they are really hard to beat. But you can use stainless steel pans for nearly any type of cooking task!

Some of the pros of stainless-steel pans include the following:

  • Durable
  • Easy maintenance
  • The surface doesn’t react to food
  • Uniform heat
  • Compatible with induction hobs
  • Dishwasher and oven safe (depending on handle material)

So, it sounds like stainless steel pans really are the best type of pans on the market, right?

Well, before you rush over to our stainless-steel pan articles to find the best stainless steel pans in the UK, there are some considerations to think about.

Here are a few cons of stainless-steel pans:

  • Can be tougher to clean
  • Nowhere near as non-stick as a non-stick frying pan


Are Stainless-Steel Pans the Best Type of Pan?

If you are just starting your cooking quest, it might be worth buying non-stick cookware and getting to grips with that first.

Stainless steel doesn’t have the non-stick properties of other cookware, and so you may struggle with it, to begin with. If you are already a seasoned home chef, you may not have these issues.

However, it is also worth having a non-stick pan in your cookware arsenal for certain cooking tasks like cooking pancakes and frying eggs.

We would estimate that 90% of home cooks that swear by stainless steel cookware also have a secret non-stick pan hidden away in their cupboards for cooking things that are prone to sticking.

If you love cooking and want to take your cooking to the next level, stainless steel pans can help you reach that level. However, either keep your old non-stick pan or invest in a cheap, good-quality non-stick pan so that you can tackle these stubborn cooking tasks too.

We love stainless steel pans just as much as the next home chef, but there are certain tasks that these pans are not the best at.


Stainless-Steel Pan vs Non-Stick Pan

For pasta sauce, braising, and many baking tasks along with much, much more, stainless steel is really unbeatable and a real asset to your kitchen toolbox.

Should you buy some stainless-steel pans? Just like many other Chef’s Pick articles, this one will end with “it depends on the type of cooking you do”.

If you do now think stainless steel pans are perfect for you, take a look at the best stainless-steel pans in the UK right now.

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