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Uncooked fusili pasta

Can You Eat Raw Pasta?

Pasta comes in many shapes and forms, and it’s a very popular food all around the world. Quick to cook, a bowl of pasta can be ready in less than 10 minutes making it the ideal convenience food. You can buy pasta that’s ready to cook at the supermarket. There is either the dried type …

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Rapeseed oil in glass dish

What Can You Use as a Substitute for Rapeseed Oil?

In the modern world, we are blessed with an abundance of different oils for cooking, providing lots of versatility and choice. But for many chefs, professional chefs included, rapeseed oil comes top of the list. Renowned for its high smoke point and very low levels of saturated fat, refined rapeseed oil is also flavourless which …

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Finger sandwiches

What Is a Beige Buffet?

The term “beige buffet” has no clear origin, and it seems to just be a colloquial phrase given to buffet foods that are plain in colour and generally carbohydrate-based or put together using processed and pre-prepared oven foods. The term refers to the beige colouring of the foods and the overall visual effect of the …

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Yellow Thai curry

How to Thicken Thai Curry

Thai curry is a simple and flavoursome meal that can be made easily using shop bought green or red Thai curry pastes. These pastes make getting an authentic Thai flavour much easier and save you time. A Thai curry can contain any number of ingredients from a mix of different vegetables to tomatoes to a …

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