Can You Put a Built-Under Oven at Eye Level?

A great way of making your kitchen more exciting and more functional is by moving things around. You likely move smaller appliances around all the time to help make cooking easier, but what about your cooker?

If you have a built-under oven, can you move it? Or, if you’ve found the perfect built-under cooker that you love but have space for a built-in oven, can you use it in its place? Well, let’s find out, shall we?


Can You Install a Built-Under Oven at Eye Level?

Built-under Oven

You can install a built-under oven at eye level, but it is tricky. It is much easier to install a built-in oven underneath a counter than it is to install a built-under oven at eye level.

You see, a built-in requires a housing unit to secure it in place, but many built-under models don’t. So, if you are putting a built-under oven in place of a built-in oven, you will need to source a housing unit that has the right measurements.

Thankfully, most built-under ovens have very similar sizes to built-in, so finding a housing unit isn’t too difficult.

You’ll need to find out the measurements of your built-under oven and then try and source the correct housing unit from there.

You will also need some trim pieces to go around the oven once it is in place.

Depending on the design and style of your kitchen, these trim pieces can be tricky to get hold of, but not impossible.

If you’re struggling to find the correct trim, speak with the company that designed your kitchen. If you aren’t sure who designed your kitchen, speak with a local professional or a hardware shop.


Can I Move a Built-Under Oven Myself?

We would recommend hiring a professional to move your built-under oven. They will likely be able to source the housing unit and the trim pieces for you as well, so it will be a lot easier for you.

Plus, moving a built-under oven can result in some complex electrical work that should always be left to a professional.


Should I Put a Built-Under Oven at Eye Level?


While you can put built-under units at eye level, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Moving a built-under oven to eye level can be a bit of pain, as can moving a built-in to under your counters.

If you really want a built-in oven, then by all means, go for it as it can be done. However, it might be worth sticking with your built-under oven if you aren’t too fussed about where the oven is. Moving an oven can be quite costly, particularly if you need to move wiring too.


In Conclusion

Yes, you can install a built-under oven at eye level, but it can be a pain if you already have the built-under oven in your kitchen.

If you’re starting from scratch, though, and you love the look of a particular built-under oven over any other built-in oven, then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to install it into the space for a built-in oven.

However, it is also best to check with a professional oven installer before you buy the oven, as the dimensions will need to match closely for it to look right.

We hope this look at built-under ovens and whether they can be installed at eye level has been helpful. For more info about built-in and built-under ovens, please explore Chef’s Pick further.