What Does an AGA Do?

I grew up in a house with an AGA, and I can honestly say that I loved it. On a cold winter morning, the AGA kept my toes warm as I tried my best not to burn my toast on the hotplate.

On a Sunday morning, the AGA was always home to a full English breakfast and then the easiest roast dinner my mum has ever cooked (and the tastiest too).

If my AGA experience taught me anything, it is that these amazing stoves can do just about anything. And if you thought that keeping your toes warm in winter, burning toast and cooking roasts was all an AGA can do, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet!


How an AGA Works (Briefly)

The way that an AGA works is really interesting and allows it to do loads of tasks. The entire body of an AGA is cast iron which distributes heat incredibly well.

Throughout the cast iron body, there are air channels that pass hot air around the frame. These air channels use the natural spread of hot air in such a way that they create hot and cool ovens and hotplates.

The heat generated in this way is gentle and consistent. This means that an AGA is extremely versatile. It may not look it, but thanks to this cleverly designed airflow system and the cast iron frame, you can do amazing things with an AGA.


What Can an AGA Do?

Here are some examples of what an AGA can do and why they are so beloved by anyone who has ever used one of these fantastic stoves.

What can AGA Do

1. Keep your kitchen warm

My little toes are not the only thing that an AGA keeps warm. As an AGA is always on and producing heat, it keeps your kitchen lovely and warm throughout the winter months.

It is a great heat source because it is designed to store heat extremely efficiently. So, an AGA can actually replace several radiators in your home.

2. Locks in moisture

The heat of an AGA is gentle on food. The food never comes into contact with flames or direct heat in an AGA. So, unlike the harsh heat in gas or fan ovens that dry food out, AGAs lock in moisture and flavour.

A roast cooked in an AGA is the best you have ever eaten because it locks in the flavour and moisture and makes everything taste incredible.

Roast one chicken in an AGA and you will be a lifelong fan, I promise! If your roast chicken is as good as my mum’s anyway!

AGA Cooker
Bruno Mameli / Shutterstock.com

3. Baking made easy

While there is certainly a learning curve with an AGA, once you know how to use an AGA, it makes baking and cooking really simple.

Most AGAs have a roasting oven, simmering oven, and some have a baking oven too. The AGA in my family home only had two ovens, yet it was still awesome for baking bread and cakes.

Thanks to the gentle heat, AGAs are baking royalty, and everyone knows it. Check out this amazing AGA cookbook by Lucy Young and Mary Berry, who show you how easy, fun, and awesome baking in an AGA can be.

4. Slow cooking

Whether it is a pot of soup on the stovetop or some of the best slow-roasted pork you’ll ever hope to put in your mouth, your AGA can do it all.

Simmering ovens are your best friend if you love slow cooking. Simply pop whatever you’re slow cooking into the oven and walk away.

The oven will lock in the moisture and cook it for as long as you want it to. Stews, pulled pork, soups and curries all taste incredible from an AGA.



We really hope this AGA article shows that everything is possible in an AGA. These stoves were designed in 1922 and have been the best thing in the kitchen since someone sliced some bread and toasted it on their AGA!

Once you have used an AGA (even for the very minor tasks I used one for when I was young), no other stove or oven can compare.

What does an AGA do? Every single cooking task you could need it to do, all while keeping your house warm and looking beautiful!

To find out more about AGAs, check out Chef’s Pick some more. We have loads of articles where I drool over AGAs and talk in detail about my love for these wonderful stoves!