Are Griddle Pans Healthy?

Are Griddle Pans Healthy

Griddle pans are healthy, right? That’s what many cookware companies will say. But why? How did griddle pans come to have this healthy reputation, and is it true?

Also, if griddle pans are so healthy, does that mean the food cooked in them is bland and boring?

To find out, we need to look at griddle pans, find out exactly what they are and how to cook with them, and then see if they are indeed as healthy as people claim.


What Is a Griddle Pan?

Griddle pans come in a few shapes and sizes. Some are square, others are round, and some aren’t actually even pans, but instead, a piece of metal that you can use on two of the burners of your hob or a barbecue.

Most griddle pans have ridges on the cooking surface, while some have a flat bottom. It is the ridges on the cooking surface that have given griddle pans their healthy reputation, so those are the types of griddles we’ll be focusing on here.

What Is a Griddle Pan

Most griddle pans are made from cast iron, but you can occasionally find aluminium or steel versions.

Anyone who has used a griddle pan will tell you that they are very heavy. This allows these pans to hold a lot of heat, so they are excellent for searing meats.

While they take longer to heat up than a normal frying pan, once they are up to temperature, they stay there for a lot longer.


Why Are Griddle Pans Healthy?

The reason that griddle pans are considered to be healthy is because of the ridges on the cooking surface.

These ridges lift what you are cooking off of the bottom of the pan. This means that the natural fats in meats can drip into the bottom of the pan away from the meat.

It also means that any oil used during cooking will flow away as well.

Why Are Griddle Pans Healthy

If you’ve used a frying pan for searing meat, you’ll know that the meat is surrounded by fat and oil throughout the cooking process. And when you serve the meat up, the oil and the fat will end up on the plate.

With a griddle pan, you can remove the meat from the pan, and the juices stay behind.


Is Meat Cooked in Griddle Pans Tasty?

Meat cooked in a griddle pan is extremely tasty, and it is many people’s go-to for cooking steaks indoors.

The key is to get the cast iron griddle up to temperature before you put your steaks in. If you do, the pan will seal the surface of the steak almost instantly and trap all of the goodness and tenderness inside the steak.

Just because griddles keep the meat away from the oil and the fat, this doesn’t mean the meat isn’t tasty. In fact, cooking on a griddle can make the meat even tastier!



So, griddle pans are not only one of the healthiest ways of cooking meats, but they also cook them beautifully too. This is why a griddle pan should be high on your list of kitchen tools to own.

If you love steak, you will love using a griddle pan. Make sure you check out our roundup of the best griddle pans before you choose one!