Scott is a writer and a passionate home chef. His passion for cooking began when he was 10 years old. Scott has been writing professionally for over five years now and loves to combine his passion for cooking with his day job.

Warming drawer

Best Warming Drawers (2022 UK)

Warming drawers have been around for many years in professional kitchens. They allow chefs to keep food warm until it is ready to serve. However, they can also help the home cook in the same way. If you have ever cooked a roast for a lot of people, then you’ll know the struggle and stress …

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Saute pan on gas hob

Best Sauté Pans (2022 UK)

Sauté pans are a wonderful addition to a home kitchen. Me and partner have had a sauté pan for several years now, and we use it every day. It’s amazing what a sauté pan can cook up; they are so versatile. We’ve researched the market and picked out the top sauté available in the UK. …

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Pots and pans on hob

Best Steamer Pans (2022 UK)

Steamer pans allow you to lock in flavours and nutrients, giving you healthier and better tasting food than you’d get from boiling. They also make great use of the space on your hob, as you can stack steamer pans on top of each other and cook different ingredients in each tier. We have an amazing …

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