Where to Buy a Replacement Grill Pan for an Oven

Oven with grill pan inside

Grill pans are one of the most hard-working components of an oven. Each time you use the grill, the grill pan is under constant, high heat, which can warp the metal and burn on food.

You can be left with a grill pan that looks like it has survived a nuclear war in no time at all.

So, wouldn’t it be really handy if you could buy a replacement grill pan for your oven?

Well, thankfully, you can. In fact, you may even find the exact same grill pan for your oven somewhere.

While we can’t help you find the exact same model of grill pan for your exact oven, we can show you some perfect replacements that will work perfectly with your oven.

The grill pans below are designed to run on the oven shelf, so they will work perfectly in any grill.

Don’t have an oven shelf in your grill? Don’t worry, you can also buy replacements for these too.


Replacement Grill Pans for Ovens

Extra-large replacement grill pan – SPARES2GO Extra Large Grill Pan

This extra-large grill pan replacement is made to replace the grill that comes with all Bosch cookers.

However, it may still fit your oven even if it isn’t a Bosch. You just need to check the grill dimensions. The dimensions of this grill pan are 44 cm by 37 cm by 40 cm (W x D x H).

As long as you have the space in your oven, this grill pan will work perfectly and will likely provide a cooking surface big enough to use a double grill (depending on the size of your oven, of course).

This is designed to sit on an oven shelf, so there isn’t anything that makes this a direct replacement for Bosch ovens. If you have the space, this grill pan will work in your oven.


Large replacement grill pan – Zinc Products Large Vitreous Enamel Grill Pan

If the extra-large grill pan above was a bit too big for your oven, this replacement grill pan from Zinc Products could be the perfect size.

This one is 42 cm by 32 cm and is a universal grill pan, so it should fit most ovens and cookers of most sizes. Again, though, you should check the depth of your oven and cavity width just to be safe.

This grill pan has two detachable handles and a removable rack for each cleaning.

The pan itself is enamelled, which offers a good amount of protection when grilling anything.

Compared with direct replacements from certain other brands, this grill pan is an absolute bargain. It will grill some cheese on toast nicely in almost any oven ever sold in the UK.


Medium replacement grill pan – FIND A SPARE Universal Grill Pan

Lastly, we have this medium grill pan replacement from FIND A SPARE. We were also going to include the small grill pan designed for use with caravan and camper van ovens but thought this medium-sized pan would get the job done for most of us.

If you aren’t too worried about a grill pan that extends to the very edges of your oven, you just want to make sure it fits; this will work for you.

This grill pan is 38 cm by 28 cm, so it will fit most ovens. These dimensions (this goes for all the grill pans mentioned here) are based on the top lip of the pan; the bottom of the grill pan is slightly smaller than this.

In most ovens, you can still use this grill pan for full-width grilling, but if you have a larger oven, you may require one of the replacements above for this.


Other Useful Accessory Replacements

Replacement wire handle for grill pans – Invero Replacement Grill Pan Handle

When we moved into our rented house, our grill didn’t have one of these wire handles. And my dad always had one handy in his home. I believe he kept his handle from an oven he owned 20 years ago.

So, I was very used to using the wire handle when grilling anything, but now I had to use oven gloves.

We all know that sticking your arm into the grill with a tea towel or an oven glove isn’t the best idea. Most of the time, your cheese on toast is transferred safely to the plate, but often it can fall, you can get burnt or both!

This Invero Replacement Grill Pan Handle is a must-have in my kitchen. It fits most grill pans on the market and hooks over the top of the pan for a very secure hold. It can be removed while grilling things too, so it doesn’t get hot.

Some modern ovens don’t come with these grill handles anymore. But if like me, you wouldn’t grill without one, you can buy a replacement here.


So, there you have it, some replacement grill pans that are suitable for most ovens in the UK, and some handy accessories for grills and ovens too.

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